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Lifesize Cloud


Lifesize Cloud – Fully Integrated End-to-End Video Conferencing

Lifesize Cloud - Video Conferencing Solutions

Lifesize Cloud delivers a truly comprehensive cloud-based video conferencing solution. In conjunction with the award-winning Lifesize Icon , Lifesize Cloud offers a fully integrated, end-to-end solution which can be installed and operational in moments, seamlessly linking the boardroom to any device, in any location.

Lifesize Cloud complements the way people work on a day-to-day basis by mirroring their existing behaviour. Unlike other cloud-based video conferencing systems, reserving a virtual meeting room is not required; individuals and conference rooms can now connect by simply clicking a user’s name for an instant meeting.

With convenience central to its design, Lifesize Cloud is as easy to use as a smartphone and geared towards widespread adoption; improving communication and making video part of a daily routine.

Lifesize Innovation

Lifesize is the original HD video conferencing provider, taking video conferencing to another level. Today Lifesize is the only vendor to supply, cloud, cloud connecting end-points, and a full on premise infrastructure based solution. Lifesize truly are the innovators in video.

Lifesize is the only vendor that can supply from cloud to on premise video

  • High quality business cloud based video conferencing
  • Portfolio of high quality HD video end-points that can be connected to the cloud
  • Full on premise video conferencing infrastructure solution

By taking Lifesize to your customer you can fulfil any of your customer’s video requirements, whatever their needs.

Cloud-based Video Conferencing for the Channel

Lifesize has launched Lifesize Cloud, an industry leading cloud video solution. Cloud is gradually shaping the IT market place and although it is far from dominating, it is rapidly growing in strength. Lifesize Cloud allows you to offer cloud based video conferencing which generates recurring revenues, and the opportunity also to add hardware and services to the sale.

Importantly, all Lifesize business goes through the channel – including the new Lifesize Cloud solution (and associated renewals). Lifesize has 100% belief in the channel with a solid channel partner program.

Lifesize Cloud Free Trial

The Lifesize Cloud trial is an excellent way of generating well-qualified opportunities. It highlights when the trial is initiated, how many contacts have been attached to the trial, and how much it has been used. As a Lifesize reseller you have a unique Lifesize Cloud trial package – this can be simply embedded in your website or any other supporting communications.

Lifesize Cloud, the Cloud Based VC Solution

Zycko & Lifesize

As the Lifesize EMEA distributor of the year for the past 3 years, Zycko is well placed to support channel partners in driving Lifesize channel business. Please join up with Team Zycko to utilise our resource, knowledge, facilities and equipment to open up your customer base to video opportunities.

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