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Talari Networks – WAN Reliability & WAN Optimisation

Talari Networks offers a pioneering class of product to the industry, through its revolutionary approach to building enterprise WANs. Talari’s WAN reliability and guaranteed quality performance increase bandwidth opportunities and WAN optimisation, whilst operating at a reduced WAN operating expense. With all applications working without interruption, Talari’s WAN virtualisation ensures high quality VoIP and video whilst delivering increased bandwidth for your money.

Talari’s range of appliances scale easily to fit the needs of every location of your business, with the Mercury T510 most suitable for remote office use, to the Mercury T5000 suitable for WAN optimisation in the data centre or call centre. WAN reliability is assured throughout and the increased bandwidth and speed guaranteed without sacrificing security.

Talari Distributor

As a well-established Talari distributor, Zycko is able to offer Talari’s full product range which includes the T510, T730, T750, T3000 and T5000. Offering these products for both the networking and virtualisation sectors, Zycko as a Talari distributor is able to provide a full range of complimenting services to ensure the distribution channel is as smooth as possible. Find out more about the benefits and professional services Zycko, as a Talari distributor, is able to offer.

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