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Aastra Announces New 6800i IP Phones

IP handset vendor Aastra has released a new set of products that have been designed to give users a more natural audio experience. Thus with the new 6800i Series VoIP desktop family, users can enjoy an HD wideband audio delivery that will radically improve their hands free speakerphone conversations.

The 6800i comes in four models, allowing customers the chance to choose the one that makes most sense for their budget and comms needs.

The range starts, for instance, with the 6863i, a fully functional entry-level phone that comes with two lines and three programmable keys – as well as Aastra’s award winning high definition Hi-Q audio clarity enhancing technology onboarded.

Next up is the 6865i, an SME-friendly phone with nine line capacity and eight programmable keys, followed by the 6867i, which comes with HD wideband audio, six programmable keys, dual Gigabit Ethernet and nine lines if needed.

Finally, at the top of the tree is the 6869i, the most flexible and fully-featured phone in the range, a 12-line device with no less than 12 programmable keys, a choice of expansion modules and a generous 3.3 inch colour display.

Aastra is a voice over IP division of communications equipment giant Mitel.

For more information about Aastra, please click here.

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