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Benevis Addresses Network Challenges With Talari

Benevis, a leading healthcare practice services company, has helped children's dental provider Kool Smiles overcome a number of IT network service challenges, increase efficiency and improve dental experience in 30 offices with the deployment of a new Software Defined WAN (SD-WAN) solution from Talari.

According to Benevis, Talari's new technology is responsible for a reduction in network spend by 39 per cent for selected office and has replaced MPLS in all of the offices powered by Talari technology.

Kool Smiles affiliated dentists provide dental treatments to undesired urban and rural communities, which often lack a stable broadband connection. This leads to substandard network infrastructure and recurring network outages that cause a delay in dental care.

To address these problems, Benevis deployed Talari's SD-WAN solution as part of a range of comprehensive IT support services. The result was increased capacity, quality and reliability across the networks, helping to transform any under performing circuits while decreasing costs and improving experience for dentists and patients.

Traffic shaping using Talari's advanced QoS (Quality of Service) tuning capabilities has also led to a better user perception of the system's speed and quality, as well as improved handling of complex traffic compared to standard carrier MPLS QoS capabilities.

Tom Nance, CEO for Benevis, said: "We are thrilled to offer these new innovative technology solutions to address the unique delivery challenges in these dental offices, improve the patient experience, and ultimately, make a tangible difference in lives of the dentists and patients we serve."

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