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SmartOptics releases ‘first ever CWDM product to work over 40 km’

SmartOptics has announced the launch of a new system which has the capability to deliver eight small form-factor pluggable+ (SFP+) channels to carry data at rates of up to ten gigabits per second over distances of up to 40 km. The technology will be available for deployment by firms immediately.

It is the first coarse wavelength division multiplexing system of its kind in the world, overcoming the current limitations experienced by SFP+ tranceivers. Benefits include the ability to expand the functionality of SFP+ interfaces and the fact there is no need for a costly multi-fibre connection.

SmartOptics states: "Equipment interfaces using SFP+ no longer have to be connected in to a separate transmission system to achieve multiple channels and longer distances."

The firm also promises users of the product that it is easy to implement, only needing to be plugged in before it is in operation.

SmartOptics was recently named as the fastest growing company in Oslo during 2009. As a result of the achievement it picked up the prestigious Gaselle award, which assesses companies in a range of sectors.

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