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Talari Awarded Shared Memory Patents

Talari Networks has announced the issue of two patents that relate to the distributed shared memory services of wide area networks (WANs) in support of its operating software Adaptive Private Networking (APN) for a software-defined enterprise.

According to the software firm – the leading provider of software-defined WAN solutions that proactively manage capacity, quality and performance across the network – the new patents demonstrate Talari's commitment to innovation and a continuation of their focus on helping businesses avoid interruptions on the network. Unlike similar solutions, Talari disseminates knowledge in real-time and shares information across WAN to allow decisions to be made at any point across the network.

Commenting on the patents, Talari's CTO and co-founder John Dickey stated that they would allow for organisations to enjoy efficient sharing of intelligence across even the most diverse of networks made up of various WAN technologies.

He continued: "The ability to share real-time intelligence across vast networks is fundamental to providing the best service levels for demanding end users' application needs. We believe Talari's model of centralised policy configuration combined with distributed intelligence is the ideal combination to bring real power of the SD-WAN to enterprises."

The company has stated that its WAN technology is now the most widely used SD-WAN solution in the world due to its ability to easily adapt to the network demands of each individual business. Through the creation of secure virtual WAN links, the technology ensures that applications perform at a high-quality continuously, taking advantage of all available bandwidth as they do.

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