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Network & Communications

Zycko’s Data Networking Solution is built on a basic premise – Internet Protocol (IP) is the most widely used standard on the planet. The technology is well understood, easy to implement and affordable. The IP network touches almost every part of an enterprise environment – most corporate data traffic uses a common IP network – providing a foundation platform for delivering services.

Market Opportunity

You can help your customers realise the following benefits:

  • Invest in what is needed today with the confidence that as the infrastructure is
    required to scale, existing IT assets will integrate and complement each other
    rather than create technology islands
  • Leveraging existing IP network infrastructure means that current network
    investment is protected
  • The ability to scale the network to accommodate new services is built-in, which
    means that future growth is catered for
  • Knowing solutions are tried and tested by certified engineers and are vendor
    approved in Zycko’s dedicated test labs offers peace of mind and the confidence
    to make good technology decisions

Video Network & Mobility Solutions from Zycko

Zycko has created a portfolio of solutions called the Zycko Solutions Stack. The video network & mobility solution is one level of the stack, and is based around an example IT business-eco-system. Partners can take the complete solution to market as their own, or select elements that fit their product portfolio.

Video Network & Mobility Solutions from Zycko

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