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Arbor Networks Demonstration Facilities

Zycko’s Arbor solutions lab provides partners and customers with an opportunity to explore the Arbor Pravail Availability Protection System (APS). The demo lab enables partners to deliver customer demonstrations and users to perform their own-due diligence in our live test environment. Using our demonstration tool end-users will gain further knowledge of the Arbor Pravail APS Device and help partners to accelerate sales opportunities.

Arbor Demonstration Lab Diagram

Arbor Pravail Availability Protection System

Arbor Networks is a global leader in network security, providing industry-leading defence solutions to help detect and mitigate against DDoS attacks and advanced threats. Arbor Pravail APS mitigates availability threats such as application-layer DDoS attacks before they impact your network and service availability. To learn more about Arbor and the Pravail APS, please click here .

Zycko offers a lab environment to simulate a Tier 1 web application and DDoS attack, which can be mitigated by the Arbor APS system. The lab enables channel partners to fully understand the APS system and provide informative demonstrations for their customers.

Book the Arbor Demonstration Lab

To book your next Arbor demonstration with Zycko, please complete the booking request form in the right hand column. Booked dates appear as red in the ‘Arbor Lab’ calendar – This is phase one of the Arbor Networks demonstration lab, with more exciting features to be added in the future!

Basic Lab Connection / Walkthrough

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